If you’re looking for a getaway with a difference, giving you the chance to see parts of the world that are not on the usual tourist trails, then Nine Worlds must be on your list!

Offering bespoke luxury travel opportunities, Nine Worlds will create a unique vacation, taking in all the sights of Iceland, Greenland and the mystical Northern Lights at your pace and with a luxurious twist.

Nine Worlds is based on the ancient cosmology of Norse mythology, within which there are nine “homeworlds”. These are all unified by the world tree, and they promise to show you all of the nine worlds in spectacular fashion, creating an experience unlike any other. They’ve been operating since 1937,  taking travellers on a journey through some of the most mystical and enchanting landscapes and ice-scapes in luxury.

There’s a holiday to suit everyone with Nine Worlds so whether your clients are looking for, there’s something to suit. They offer everything from heli-skiing and glacier canoeing to trekking volcanoes!

For clients looking for something more relaxing, consider arranging a trip to experience the Northern Lights in comfort and style. Nine Worlds will arrange for sumptuous accommodation offering the most luxurious décor and food cooked by top chefs.

Nine Worlds has every aspect of the vacation under control, ensuring that every mode of transport, air, land or sea offers absolute comfort and luxury, and of course safety. They even have their own custom built vehicles to ensure that every need is met.

So whether you want to gaze at geysers, play golf in the sun (at night!), be pampered by trained beauty and massage therapists, or go horse riding in some of the most spectacular scenery you’ll ever experience, Nine Worlds will deliver the perfect trip.

It’s wonderful to be welcoming them back to Connections Luxury. The event takes place on the 22nd-25th of March this year at the Conrad Algarve. If you’d like more information on participating please drop me a note: [email protected].