The theme for the upcoming Connections Luxury Europe (22nd-25th of March) is wellness. The word ‘wellness’ covers a multitude of different services, but fundamentally, it’s about achieving and sustaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

This can create a bit of conflict in the luxury sector, where there’s often a temptation (or, in many cases, almost a requirement!) to spoil yourself, especially when you’re surrounded by the best of everything. The wellness movement recognises that not every luxury guest wants to be continually fed rich food and sugary drinks.

It’s imperative that every luxury destination consider both types of customer. When it comes to wellness, the industry reference is certainly the SHA Wellness Clinic.

Across the last 6 years SHA has obtained more than 20 international awards (including “Most Unique Treatment”, Conde Nast Johansens Spa Awards for Excellence 2015, “Outstanding Excellence and Innovation 2014” by Conde Nast Johansens “Best Medical Spa International” by Spa Finder, 2012, and so on).

SHA is the combination of the most advanced medical techniques with a selection of the most effective Oriental natural therapies and techniques. All of this is delivered across five star facilities, 93 suites, a Clinic & Spa area along with their iconic SHAMADI restaurant.

To tell give us some insight into what it takes to run such a facility, I’m delighted to invite the SHA Wellness Chief Executive, Alfredo Bataller Pineda, to keynote at Connections Luxury.

I’ve asked Alfredo to give us an overview of his service offering and then highlight the key trends he’s seeing developing across the luxury marketplace. I hope his perspective will be both thoroughly refreshing and highly informative for our buyers and sellers.

Bring it on Alfredo!

If you’d like more information about attending next month’s event at the Conrad Algarve, please drop me a note. I’m [email protected].