We can’t bring our luxury buyers and suppliers to Abu Dhabi this September (6-9th) for Connections Luxury and let them leave without first having the opportunity to sail ride on a ‘desert ship’. Camels have been long referred to as ‘the ship of the desert’ because of their way they walk in a rolling motion, similar to that of the sea.

Well, I have to say, it was brilliant.

In the picture above you see myself and our Buyer Marketing Manager Peter Conway sitting atop a camel. We tried this out during our visit to the desert nearby Abu Dhabi. It’s a perfect location for us to whisk our delegates away to for one afternoon or similar — we’re still working out the specifics. However it’s also important that we sample absolutely everything before making our decisions for a stimulating set of Connections Experiences for delegates to choose from.

Right then, much, much more to do!

Thank you to the team from Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority who, as our country partner, are providing the activities (or Connections Experiences) for the event. Thank you to our airline partner, Etihad Airways. Thank you also to our host hotel, the Yas Viceroy. I can’t wait to bring all our delegates there in September.

Can I send you some more information about participating in the event? Please send me a note at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you right-away!