It has been years since I’ve played tennis.

Last night I actually sat back and calculated that it was 15 years since I’ve been on the court. I used to love it!

And today I got the chance to get back on to the court here at the Verdura Resort’s world class clay courts. I surprised myself! I was able to return quite a few of Roberto Gaeta’s shots right-away!

Roberto is the Head Tennis Coach at the Rocco Forte Verdura Resort. I had arranged to meet him to discuss the possibility of including Tennis as a Connections Experience (or activity) for our delegates at one of our upcoming events.

I had quite a few logistical questions that I wanted to discuss — it’s one thing suggesting delegates, “Go and have a game,” — it’s another thing to make sure that there are courts available when they arrive complete with enough tennis balls, racquets, bottles of water and so on.

Roberto was able to address all my concerns so the next step is for me to report back to the team in London and discuss just how we integrate Tennis into the schedule.

I know I end up writing this for every destination visit I perform: I really can’t wait to bring our delegates to Verdura Resort here in Sicily. They are going to LOVE it.

Ok, I have to dash. More to organise! Thank you again to Roberto for taking the time to both play with me and answer my dozens of questions!

File 05-08-2015 01 09 37

File 05-08-2015 01 10 47

File 05-08-2015 01 11 02

File 05-08-2015 01 11 15

Our next Connections Luxury takes place in Abu Dhabi on September 6-9, 2015. I can’t wait! Would you like to join us? Please drop me a note on [email protected].