Last time I wrote about Nassau Paradise Island here on the blog, I suggested that they would be bringing a slice of the Bahamas to our very first event in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Well they did. In spades. It was wonderful to connect with them!

They were well received by the buyers so I am very pleased to be welcoming them back to our next event, this time at the Conrad Algarve in late March.

Now then, let’s get a few key points defined just in case Nassau Paradise Island is a little new to you. First off, it’s just a 55 minute flight from Miami so in terms of connectivity, it’s just a quick hop for guests arriving via MIA. Second, it’s worth noting that Nassau is part of the Bahamas and therefore is now it’s own sovereign entity, having gained independence from the UK in 1976.

The close connection with the United Kingdom (and the United States) means visitors will find a familiar environment fused with the famous Bahamian culture.

When it comes to luxury, Nassau Paradise Island has it covered. The island boasts a super array of accommodation that will meet the standard of even the most exacting standards. Brands like One&Only and Sandals have long been dependable favorites of many of our buyers and for good reason — their properties are famous worldwide for delivering the very best in luxury.

The island has plenty to offer beyond accommodation: Almost every water sport you can think of. And when it comes to fishing, the experiences offered are second to none. In terms of dining, visitors are strongly recommended to stride beyond their chosen hotel or complex because the island’s diverse restaurants offer a huge variety of delicious options.

I know that many of our buyers left our event back in Hampshire last year with Nassau Paradise Island on the top of their recommendation lists for their clients. So if you’d like to find out more, you’ll be able to meet the team at our upcoming Connections Luxury Algarve taking place this March from 22nd-25th.

Drop me a note for more information. I’m [email protected].