What a difference a day makes: Just over 24 hours ago, I was riding the tube in London on the way to Heathrow. This morning I awoke to the absolute serenity of the Yanqi Lake Hotel by Kempinski, Beijing.

One of the key tasks today was to head down to the kitchens of the Yanqi Lake Hotel to check out one of the experiences we’ve been considering offering to our delegates: Noodle making!

I’m no stranger to noodles. I absolutely love them. But I have to say that I’ve never attempted them at home.

Peter and I both readily admit to feeling rather intimidated as we arrived into the Kempinski kitchens. Everything was spotless and I couldn’t help feel slightly bewildered as the chef introduced himself and set us both to work!

As you can see in the photos I really got stuck in. I need to thank our chef for his fortitude and patience under the barrage of questions and comments from me. Peter, to his credit, listened intently and knocked out a beautiful looking dish! I needed a bit more help!

But goodness me it was a brilliant experience. And that’s what it’s all about. I think we’ll definitely include this on the roster of Connections Luxury networking experiences for attendees! Thinking about it now as I sit in my (gorgeous) room, it’s an ideal activity to bring business people together.

Right then. Next up is a tremendous hardship… I’m going to check out the Kempinski Spa.

Yes… please…!