Our buyers recommend: Vamizi Island, Mozambique

I love talking to our luxury travel buyers and travel designers. They always have their fingers on the pulse so that they can delight their clients every single time. My colleague Peter Conway manages our relationships with our buyers on a daily basis. Recently, Peter has been reaching out to our buyers to ask them for a public recommendation we could use here on our blog.

Our first recommendation has arrived! It’s from Bert Uyttenbroeck of Atlas Reizen in Belgium. We set this exam question for Bert:

In your travels and experiences which suite/villa that really stood out in your mind as exceptional?

Bert actually came back with three immediate responses, so we’ve used his first recommendation: Vamizi Island in Mozambique.

He writes:

Back in September I was travelling in Mozambique. I ended my trip at an amazing property called Vamizi Island just off the northern coast of Mozambique. The resort is built around a lodge offering 10 timber “kitalas” (or villas). It’s the only lodge on the Island so exclusivity is absolutely baked in.

They also offer private villas with their own butler and chef. One of the property’s newest villas is Villa Tartaruga. It opened in August and it’s so new it doesn’t yet appear on their website! It’s the largest of their private villas, offering facilities for 14 to 20 guests.

The villa actually comprises two tree houses, each with a triple room for kids (really useful!) with thatched roofs and beautiful decoration featuring lots of African antiques and authentic art.  Plus there’s a super pool (black!) with salt water.

Villa Tartaruga is almost a museum and perhaps a little over the top but simply great.
Vamizi is a really amazing property and highly recommended.

Wow! I’ve been looking at the photos Bert. What a simply fabulous location! Thank you for the recommendation!

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