For those looking to step away from traditional holidays, and wanting more than a hotel and beach experience, Catherwood Travels are a must for creating travel experiences you’ll never forget.

Based in the Yucatan Peninsula, South-eastern Mexico, Catherwood Travels are a group of experts who create experiences for travellers, observers and even explorers in the most inaccessible and complex of the regions great cities. Their team of experts includes archaeologists, biologists, ornithologists, chefs, historians, artists and craftsmen and together they run trips to villas, private estates, exclusive access cenotes, and archaeological excavations – and they even have access to homes and workshops!

Named after the explorer Catherwood, the company offer a wide selection of expeditions and encounters in the region that can be uniquely tailored to clients’ needs based on their pool of experts. With everything from the opportunity to follow the routes of the great explorers Catherwood and Stephens, to expeditions to the sacred Mayan monuments of the region – there’s sure to be something to pique any explorer’s interest.

Whatever aspect of life in the region travellers would like to explore, Catherwood have it covered: visits to artisan’s workshops, homes, orchards, healers and herbalists, cave exploration and diving, fishing and birdwatching exploring and even cooking classes – everything is organised in a manner that is sympathetic to the way of life of the local people.

As a company Catherwood feel they have a social responsibility to the region and they are committed to the well-being of its residents and the preservation of the cultural heritage, forging a link between travellers and the culture they care about in order to create a sympathetic partnership between both. Accommodation is provided through a selection of Haciendas, some of which are privately owned, spread out over the region, which have been restored and revitalised with the needs of the traveller in mind.

With a wealth of local knowledge that comes from years of operating in a manner that is sympathetic to local customs and culture, travel buyers should note that Catherwood Travels are able to provide clients with an unrivalled and completely unique holiday experience that can be completely tailored to their interests.

The team from Catherwood will be joining us for our next Connections Luxury event in Rio in October!  To find out more about how you too can take part, contact me on [email protected] and I can tell you more about our unique events for the luxury travel market.