Ok, so let’s be clear: The following idea is not yet confirmed! I feel I should point that out ahead of time!

So: Here’s the concept — what do you think about having a meeting with a colleague on a Catamaran, complete with multiple different sofas, seats and tables? Well that’s what I sampled this afternoon. That’s thanks to the great thinking from the team at Dream Hotel Phuket, our destination for our June 19-22nd 2016 event.

Our delegate meetings are called Connections Experiences — typically because we strongly encourage everyone to participate in an activity whilst meeting each other to help develop and promote long lasting business relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great to host some meetings on a Catamaran on one of the afternoons of our event? That’s what we’re evaluating at the moment. I had a phenomenal time on board. There were plenty of seating areas and the hospitality was flowing too.

I’m going to see if we can make it work for our June event. No promises but here’s hoping!

Photo 30-12-2015, 00 01 25

Photo 30-12-2015, 00 01 19