The most tricky high-end travellers to serve are those who are time-poor, those who experience luxury in their everyday lives, and those who love to share their experiences on social media, according to delegates at Connections Luxury Phuket.

During open-air roundtable discussions, delegates discussed issues explored in the recent report from Amadeus and Connections Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel: Traveller Tribes 2030.

The report identified six Luxury Traveller Tribes that are defined by their behaviours. These were:

  • Always Luxury – luxury travel is a part of their everyday lives
  • Special Occasion – luxury travel is a treat, or a rare experience
  • Bluxury – luxury travel is added on after a business trip
  • Cash-rich, Time-poor – luxury travel needs to be flexible, and arranged by a third party
  • Strictly Opulent – luxury travel is about the most glamorous experiences, and sharing them on social media
  • Independent & Affluent – luxury travel can be enjoyed without ties, and is a chance to meet new people.

When asked which tribes were the most challenging to serve, delegates unanimously felt that Cash-rich, Time-poor travellers came out on top, mainly because this tribe doesn’t have to time to communicate what they want, or to allow agents and suppliers to get to know them properly.

Always Luxury travellers were the second-most tricky, due to the pressure to constantly present them with something new and different during their holiday, and the demands they can place on staff.

And Strictly Opulent travellers came in as the third most challenging, due to their social media influence, which means that if mistakes are made, they are shared online instantly. Some also mentioned celebrity guests, who expect complimentary travel, using their social media following as currency.

“It’s a discussion that affects us all – how can we improve, and how can we read clients better?” “Andre van der Marck, managing director of HG Travel Thailand. “I thought the input from Amadeus was really strong, and the report was well-researched.”

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