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So, I screwed up, Ladies and Gentlemen. I made a bit of a mess of my exciting trip to Dubai this week and I have to tell you about the brilliant experience that fixed things for me.

I arrived at London Gatwick’s South Terminal with — I thought — plenty of time ahead of my Emirates flight to Dubai yesterday. Everything was good. I was looking forward to browsing the Duty Free and I had made a mental note to get something to eat before finding my gate.

Everything was fine…

Until I realised I had got the times absolutely and completely wrong. I ended up arriving at the check-in desk with just FORTY-FIVE minutes until the flight was due to depart.

Now then, I am a very regular flyer. I know the drill. I know the reality. You need to check in an HOUR beforehand. That’s default. Ideally we all should give at least two hours worth of notice ahead of an international flight such as a trip to Dubai from London.

The check-in desks for Emirates were — understandably — empty.

I went into full-on panic mode and rushed over to the Emirates Service Desk. I knew the answer already. I was preparing to have to go home and find another flight for the next day but I thought I’d just check with the desk.

And goodness me… the Emirates team sprang into action. They could have EASILY told me ‘sorry’. They were well within their rights to apologise and perhaps help re-book me on to another flight. I think they saw that I was a single traveller and recognised that I was prepared to *RUN* to the plane!

They phoned the gate and checked I could still board. They gave me a priority pass to get through the security check swiftly and — in summary — did everything they possibly could to help me make my flight.

And I did.

That is service.

I do know this. My friends and colleagues rave about Emirates all the time, but I’ve not really had the opportunity to experience them recently. Top top marks. They did everything they could to help me and I am not only significantly impressed, I am a converted fan!

On board their legendary A380, I had a superb time. The staff even checked in with me to make sure I was ok after my mini-marathon through Gatwick. The entertainment — well, you know this — it was brilliant. Emirates are famed for their on-board entertainment but, again, I just haven’t had the opportunity to experience it. It was really good to get that opportunity.

I should also highlight that the economy food was the same quality that I’d expect from some of Emirates’ business class competitors. Brilliant.

You can imagine the delight I felt when after arriving into my event at Dubai, I bumped into a senior executive from Emirates! I should apologise to William Cavendish, VP Distribution Strategy for Emirates: I talked his ears off about the superb experience I’d just had with Emirates. Thank you for listening to my enthusiastic ramblings with such patience Bill!