The Tivoli Group is one of the key hotel chains in Portugal. Tivoli was founded in 1933, and its original, debut location was Tivoli Lisbon, with other properties quickly following as investments were made in other resort spaces. The Tivoli group broke international barriers in 2006 when they acquired their first unit in Brazil, the Tivoli Ecoresort Praia de Forte. Today, the Tivoli Group has expanded to include over 3,000 rooms, over 14 locations all boasting four and five star accommodations.

Tivoli Hotels and Resort Group stands behind its guarantee to provide quality, comfort and tradition to all of its visitors, full of enriched, unique programming to delight holidaymakers and business travellers of any age. Each hotel and resort has a fantastic set up perfect for large scale events and meetings, and even weddings, and can provide a touch of the Tivoli taste to whatever the occasion.

Every Tivoli location offers a number of wonderful gourmet dining opportunities, relaxing spa atmospheres, fantastic golfing, luxurious living quarters and the incredible, once in a lifetime personalised Tivoli Experiences.

Tivoli Experiences are an amazing series of pre-planned adventures customised to individual resort locations. Visitors are able to choose their preference from a thrilling and unbelievable line up of awe-inspiring activities that range from underwater diving, helicopter rides, race car driving, and even wonderful family centred experiences that are designed to expose every member of the family to the culture and traditions of the local area through guided tours and safe interaction with the new environment and surroundings.

Visitors will be welcomed to a beautiful chain of hotels and resorts throughout Portugal and Brazil, to enjoy a holiday experience they can rely on to deliver beauty, excitement and wonder at any one of its stunning locations. Tivoli has the accommodation and know how to provide an unbeatable holiday experience regardless of hobbies, age or preference.

Tivoli is an ideal partner for travel buyers looking to offer their luxury clients the very best.

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