Are you looking to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Then it’s about time to step it up a notch with a unique, stimulating and thrilling getaway organised by the passionate team of guided tour and expedition planning experts at HL Adventure.

HL Adventure is a highly praised and respected destination management company that specialises in providing truly unique and mind-blowing arctic getaway destination expeditions that are packed full of excitement, adventure, and long lasting memories to satisfy the inner adventurer in us all.

Offering fully customised and comprehensive arctic tours that are based in the best high arctic or Antarctic locations that the world has to offer, when you choose HL Adventure to plan these once in a lifetime expeditions, the destination itself will be but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unforgettable experience that you will undoubtedly have.

When you plan your arctic trip with HL Adventure you are embarking on a fully scouted and guided tour, that will give you an awe inspiring holiday setting that will both amaze and challenge you beyond ways you ever dreamed. With fascinating destinations throughout Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, Spitsbergen, as well as the North Pole’s most fascinating areas, the adventure and entertainment possibilities are truly endless.

Whether you imagine gazing at the stars whilst surrounded by the unlimited beauty that these breath-taking arctic locations possess or are craving a rustic expedition that involves exploring the far north in all its natural beauty, HL Adventure can craft a trip that takes in exactly what you want to experience. Whether you travel via cross country ski, or sled – or have a more luxurious stay complete with comfortable accommodation, gourmet cuisine, and guided private helicopter tours, you’ll have a heart-stopping view of the unbelievable scenery that some of these barely touched landscapes have to offer. HL Adventures will design for you a fascinating holiday experience that will engrave itself into your memory for decades to come.

HL Adventure will be joining us in Brazil next month for our next Connections Luxury event, to be held in Rio de Janeiro. For more information, contact [email protected].  I’d be delighted to tell you more!