The focus of Connections is about bringing people together – that social as well as business interaction is key to building a strong working relationship. In Brazil, this is a fundamental aspect of business and with the passion of the Carioca you had the perfect mix of professionalism and joie-de-vivre.

Building up to the event we encountered the well-known issues that surrounded the country (economically and politically) and with a small event such as the Olympics taking precedence we knew that delivering this event would take more effort and commitment than our previous events but with the support of all our partners we delivered magnificent results.

Starting with the Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro – led by the highly regarded General Manager Christophe Lorvo and ably supporting by his team of Silvio, Eduardo and Mariana, this new hotel based on the stunning beach at Barra di Tijuca provides a wonderful alternative to the other city based properties. It feels as if we were in a beach location with beach volleyball, slackline and bike rides available for our delegates.

Dehouche, our appointed experience provider, complemented the experiences with a stunning array of culinary, activity based and cultural artists that accurately reflected the cultural depth of this great country – all designed to enhance our guests understanding of Brazil.

Finally the team at C.J. Executive were seemless in delivering our guests to and from the airport in style and comfort.

Delivering memorable events often takes an unconventional approach – and with Connections we are committed to presenting our guests with a unique agenda that takes advantage of the hotel as well as its surroundings. After a day spent at the Grand Hyatt we took the opportunity to show an alternative perspective of Rio by taking our clients to the bohemian district of Santa Teresa where clients could delve into the cultural vibrancy of the area whilst continuing with meetings and discussions on building mutual business relationships. These moments will last a lifetime and mark Connections apart from any other programme.

We return to the UK full of energy and passion – it must have rubbed off on us – and look forward to delivering another series of memorable events in the coming year.

To find out how to take part in one of our forthcoming events – please drop me a note to [email protected] and I can tell you more.