Part of an experienced destination managed group, Luxe travel Hawai’i is the ‘family’ side of the business, dedicated to its customers, and has been operating for over 30 years.  ‘Aloha’, a term used as an expression of both welcome and farewell in Hawai’i, represents the company perfectly, its literal meaning is “sharing the breath of life” – something that Luxe are proud to do with visitors to their island home, about which they are truly passionate.

With its warm and gentle trade winds, mild temperatures and sunny skies, Hawai’i is an ideal vacation destination all year round. There are 8 main islands, although not all of them are accessible.  One in particular had been used for many years by the military.  Another is a private island and is not readily accessible to just anyone, you have to be invited. For the right client, this island in particular is an amazing experience.  The owners of the island believe that if the island wants you there, then the arrangements will fall into place!

Of course, you would prefer to island hop, Luxe can provide a private jet service.  In fact, nothing is beyond their reach when it comes to customer service and experience.

Individual experience is the hallmark of Luxe Travel Hawai’i and they create exclusive experiences for those with the most selective of tastes. What Luxe Travel Hawaii specialise in, is sharing unsearchable experiences with their clients and showing them the Hawaii they have never seen or experienced before. Every aspect of a holiday with Luxe – from start to finish – is tailored to individual needs.  Guests will be greeted with a Lei, a traditional Hawaiian flower garland, representing a heartfelt welcome and won’t fail to be won over by the traditional Hawaiian warmth of all those with whom they come into contact.

Aside from the unique warmth Luxe Travel holidays convey, they offer unsurpassed quality in managed accommodation (whether hotel, apartment or private residence), transport, and unique experiences. Want to swim with Manta Rays?  Take an eco-adventure by air or underwater?  Or take part in a destination event such as Iron Man?  Or would you rather simply relax in the shade of a Banyan Tree with nothing to spoil your peace of mind?  Whatever you decide, Luxe Travel has the answer.

Their specialist team, with decades of experience in luxury holidays, is here to help you. They don’t aim to meet clients’ expectations, they aim to exceed them. If you’re looking to book a special destination that guests will simply adore, you should certainly consider a Luxe Travel Hawaiian trip – it’s certainly one clients won’t expect.

Charlene T. Dave from Luxe travel Hawai’i joined us at our latest Connections Luxury event at the Rocco Forte Verdura Resort, Italy. If you would like to learn more about this or any of our future events, please drop me a note to [email protected]