Helping you to ‘Discover Italy’, the Italian National Tourist Board gives you the latest, most exciting news and updates on things to do and enjoy all over Italy. Dedicated to showing you what Italy has to offer, the board explains and advertises the heritage and historical sights of Italy, along with new and upcoming events.

The website provides a host of travel ideas and information on where to go and how to get about. Your ‘what to do’ list will be endless –  from cultural and religious sights to outdoor activities, works of art and gastronomic experiences. For example the tourist board highlights 50 UNESCO World Heritage sights, which include, the City of Verona and the Dolomites to name but two.

Another helpful aspect of the Italian National Tourist Board is the information provided through its maps. When planning a business trip or holiday, this is perhaps one of the most useful tools for any visitor to Italy to ensure that they are heading to the right location. The website is full of information to help travel buyers to market the country and what it has to offer, including both its’ well and lesser known architectural landmarks from the Colosseum and the Vatican in Rome, to the Church of San Pietro and St. Francis and the Basilica in Assisi.

If you are looking for events and attractions, the INTB has this covered too. Their news section shows the latest activities and exhibitions taking place throughout Italy. From Opera and Ballet at Sicily’s Teatro Massimo to the new Egyptian Museum.

Through the Italian National Tourist Board, travel buyers will be able to tailor trips around their clients likes and dislikes, the time of year and where they’ll be. Useful hints and tips are provided to ensure you remember important details such as whether fountain water can be drinking water, or what the situation is with service tips in restaurants. Knowing details like this helps make trips to the country a pleasure, and ensures travellers don’t get on the wrong side of the locals.The useful tools help provide each tourist with their own unique holiday or city break in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It was our pleasure to welcome the team from the Italian National Tourist Board to our Abu Dhabi event last September.  If you would like to find out about participating in our of our forthcoming events, please drop me a note at [email protected].  I look forward to telling you more about us.