I have been using lots of, “Oh, I just can’t wait,” phrases these past few days as I’ve been visiting various sights and experiences in and around Abu Dhabi. However, our trip over to the Emirates Palace really warrants a significantly large OH I JUST CAN’T WAIT mention! I can’t wait for our delegates to experience what we’ve got planned.

We’re big fans of Kempinski here at Connections Luxury — their Yanqi Hotel by Kempinski is our host hotel for our China event coming later in the year.

So when we were looking around for a place to hold our official Connections Dinner, I literally jumped for joy (seriously, I jumped… high! And there were some excited arm movements!) when we started discussing the possibility of holding it at the Emirates Palace.

The hotel is something else. It’s name is completely accurate! I strongly encourage you to take a look at their website. It’s breathtaking.

So we’ll be taking you — dear reader — to the Emirates Palace for dinner. But only, obviously, if you’re coming along to Connections Luxury Abu Dhabi (6th-9th September 2015). Now, if you’d like to find out more about participating, please drop me a note at [email protected].

Thank you to the team from Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority who, as our country partner, are providing the activities (or Connections Experiences) for the event. Thank you to our airline partner, Etihad Airways. Thank you also to our host hotel, the Yas Viceroy. I can’t wait to bring all our delegates there in September.