Meetings “need to do a lot more”



The MICE industry needs to offer worthwhile experiences an innovative content to maintain meeting attendance in a digital age, says Mike van de Vijver, meeting designer for Mindmeeting.

Speaking at Connections Meetings Malaga, Mike said greater pre-planning and stronger content is needed to compete with the information delegates can access online.

“People talk about logistics, destinations, and getting a certain number of people to a certain place,” he says. “They don’t talk strategically about what meetings really are and what their purpose is.

“The strength of people getting together is not sitting there and passively listening to one guy speak. If that’s all you’re going to give me, I’d rather sit in a comfortable chair at home, with a nice glass of port, and watch this guy speak online.

“So why bother? I bother because once I’ve heard a speaker’s input, then I’m going to use it to work with other people and come up with ideas. That’s what’s interesting.”

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