Did any of you try Veganuary this year? I’d be interested to know!

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, Veganuary is a global charity initiative that encourages people to try a vegan diet for January each year.

When we’re on the road, sticking to any kind of diet can be a challenge – let alone one that requires giving up meat, cheese, milk and eggs.

Interestingly, though, last year, a follow-up survey for Veganuary participants found that 51 percent of them had continued to maintain a vegan diet six months later.

“The plant-based diet is definitely a trend, and I think every single hotel needs to be responsive,” says Magdalena Osmola, director of sales and marketing for Macdonald Monchique Resort and Spa. “Whether people are choosing it for environmental or health reasons, they need to be given options”.

Macdonald Monchique Resort and Spa will host the inaugural Connections Wellbeing event from October 29 until November 1, 2017, and it is set to launch a new healthy dining concept next month.

“We have spirulina farm close to us, which is currently fairly undiscovered,” says Magdalena. “We try to place emphasis on the importance of choosing locally-sourced produce, and bringing it to our healthy dining concept.”

It’s not just vegan dishes that are growing in demand. “Many clients are asking for gluten-free dishes, as well as lactose-free options,” says Magdalena. “Paleo dining is huge too. The Monchique area is very well-known for its meat, and species such as our black pig. The meat we offer is organic, it’s from the area, and we know the sources.

“We make sure we offer variety. We still have have our award-winning fine-dining restaurant and our pizzeria, which is fantastic for families. Really, it’s about providing people with choice.”

Want to find out more about incorporating wellness into your travel programmes? To enquire about attending or supporting Connections Wellbeing 2017, please contact Micaela Giacobbe on [email protected], or call her on 07852 557661.