What a whirlwind of a visit that was!

Peter and I had a wonderful time exploring ideas and discussing possibilities for our upcoming Connections Luxury Asia event in Autumn 2015. We’re hosting it at the Kempinski Yanqi Lake property in Beijing. And what a top decision that was!

The last few days on-site comprised a packed series of meetings and activities with not much time to rest! Roughly half of our time was spent discussing logistics and viewing function rooms, whilst the other half was spent “experiencing the experiences” — that is, trying out some the various activities that the Kempinski offered (or could dream up for us!).

Knowing our buyers and suppliers very well now after our inaugural event back in September, Peter and I felt in a good position to be able to confirm a host of stimulating activities. We’ll certainly be offering some “co-cooking” and I reckon the Yanqi Lake Yachting activity will be very popular!

The venue itself is absolutely stunning. But you know that. It’s a Kempinski. The Yanqi Lake property (along with the Kempinski Sunrise across the bay) are a true credit to and affirmation of the Kempinski brand. Although only newly opened, the teams have clearly been rehearsing over-and-over because the service level was second-to-none. Our delegates will expect nothing less.

I arrived into the familiar London Heathrow today raring to go. Yes, I did feel a little bleary-eyed, but that’s because I was unable to sleep for most of the return flight back. It was the excitement keeping me awake. I really can’t wait to tell our buyers and suppliers all about what we’ve got in store for them next year.

If you’d like to discuss participation at Connections Luxury Asia 2015 in the Autumn (or any of our other upcoming events), please drop me a note. I’m [email protected].