Lots of people talk about the January Blues. Personally, I quite like this time of year! But, when the pace starts to pick up again, and we throw ourselves back into our businesses, we sometimes forget to take good care of ourselves.

So, I caught up with the brilliant Stella Photi, founder of Wellbeing Escapes, for some advice on staying healthy during a hectic work schedule.

Micaela: Hi Stella! Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has trouble switching off after a busy day at the office…
Stella: Let’s face it – as much as technological advances have been amazing, they have also made it nigh on impossible to switch off. Life can seem like a never-ending stream of emails or messages that need to be actioned and pronto! This can lead to high stress levels, sleep issues and depleted energy, which can in turn impair our judgement and decision-making, as well as have a negative impact on our moods and relationships.

At Wellbeing Escapes, we have noticed a growing trend in digital detox wellness holidays, but there are also simple ways that you can improve your wellbeing at work on a daily basis.

Micaela: What’s the fastest way to find calm in a high-pressure work situation?
Stella: To breathe – for clarity and calm. We all know that working in the luxury travel industry, one has to have an eye for detail and multi-task. This can be stressful at times and bring about some chaos within our minds.

A simple but effective way to get some calm in your mind is to take five minutes out of your day to watch your breathing. Slowly breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds and then breathe out for six seconds.

Micaela: Luckily I’m not too much of a caffeine addict, but do you have any tips for curbing coffee cravings?
Stella: It’s far to easy to grab a coffee or fizzy drink to perk you up but the “hit” won’t last long and you‘ll end up dehydrated and in need of yet more.

Try not to have any caffeine after 12pm and switch to herbal tea or, better still, keep a large bottle of water by your computer and every time that you glance at it, pick it up and drink! It will increase your energy and aid digestion – vital when most of us sit down all day.

Micaela: And this is another thing, sitting down all day…
Stella: Yep, it’s been said that sitting is the new smoking and, in fact, more dangerous. So don’t sit glued to your computer all day long. Set a timer on your phone or computer to give you a reminder every hour and stand up and move for a couple of minutes.

Head out at lunchtime for a brisk walk around the block. Keep some trainers under your desk and off you go. It will tone your body and clear your head at the same time, so win-win!

Micaela: And finally, any tips for protecting our mental health when we’re being tested
Stella: It’s easy to get rattled at work and then find the negative in everything (and everyone!) but if you keep a positive attitude then you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of the good energy that you are projecting.

Stay upbeat, stay helpful and smile as you speak on the phone – people will hear it in your voice and respond accordingly!

Micaela: Thanks Stella!

Wellbeing Escapes is the launch partner for Connections Wellbeing events – our new event series dedicated to the wellness industry. For more wellbeing tips check out wellbeingescapes.com/blog.

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Take care of yourselves!