When it comes to a wellness break in Portugal, you can be assured that with the help of Turismo de Portugal, you will be able to book a break that is of the highest quality. The Portuguese tourist board is dedicated to providing tourists with the highest standards of travel within Portugal. Their job is to ensure that the tourist industry is providing information on beautiful places to visit, quality places to stay and ultimately helping the industry be the best it can be.

A large part of the Portuguese tourist board’s role is to ensure that businesses within the industry, both private and public, adhere to strategic guidelines which are in place to keep tourist destinations (old and new) developing and up to a high standard.

Azenhas do Mar, a little fishermen village on atlantic coast near Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Following their targets and objectives, each part of the tourism sector helps to maintain and look after the country’s image  – keeping Portugal’s economy healthy, generating jobs and looking after the wellbeing of it’s citizens.

These strict guidelines also ensure the health and wellbeing of the tourists coming to the country. Professional training is important within all areas of the sector, the tourist board deem it imperative to expand skills, gain certificates and qualifications to help employees move up the ladder and provide tourists with the best possible experience. Professional training also strengthens the tourists boards quest for health and wellbeing across the sector, ensuring that employees throughout the industry after looked after.

Tourismo De Portugal also supports its tourist industry with technical and financial investment for both the public and private sectors. Technical support is imperative to helping businesses reach their full potential and achieve excellent ratings.

Financial backing helps redevelop existing destinations and new places developing into popular tourist spots, as well as helping to provide promotional material and creating promotional events. Investment is also given to entrepreneurial projects, encouraging new ventures, innovative ideas and providing some healthy competition for existing tourist destinations.

A large part of Turismo de Portugal’s brief, is visiting accommodation across the country, registering and classifying accommodation to ensure it complies with all the regulations making it fit for guests. Tourist health and wellbeing is essential, so making certain accommodation of all types is up to standard. The grading and quality systems in place safeguard tourists and ensure they get the best holiday – and that travel buyers have on the ground assistance and knowledge to enable them to book a break that truly ticks all the boxes.

We had the privilege to partner with them in our Connections Wellbeing event last October, it was such an amazing experience, we are looking forward to work with them again soon!

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