Dear reader, you’ll know for quite a while we’ve been planning an event at the fabulous Yanqi Hotel managed by Kempinski in Beijing. We’ve visited the hotel, sampled dozens of activities with our experience partner Mandarin Journeys and we’ve been working closely with the hotel team to prepare the way for Connections Luxury Beijing at the end of October.

That said, in the event management business you have to stay nimble! Especially when it turns out that the President of China, Xi Jinping, requires the exclusive use of the same venue, on the same dates you’ve booked it!

What could we do?

Well of course, we deferred. Over the weekend we’ve been on the phone constantly with our Kempinski partners to work out a suitable alternative for Connections.

I’d like to thank everyone at Kempinski for their patience and assistance with this one! Thank you all.

We’ve found and confirmed a new base for Connections Luxury Beijing: It’s the gorgeous Nuo Hotel, Beijing. Owned by the Beijing Tourism Group and developed in conjunction with Kempinski, the flagship Nuo Beijing is arguably the first truly authentic luxury Chinese hotel brand, enabling foreign visitors to experience Chinese hospitality at it’s best.

That will do nicely!

Our Buyer Manager, Pete, is on site right now at the Nuo talking with the teams and making the relevant arrangements now that we’re just a few weeks away from the event.

If you’d like to come along to Connections Luxury Beijing (28th-31st of October) later this month, please would you drop me a note to discuss? I’m [email protected]